Empowering Rigorous Instruction and Positive Student Outcomes with ThinkUp!

The education community is being driven by a common goal to find ways to close the achievement gap and ensure that all students are well-prepared for future success. Mentoring Minds sought the help of Project Tomorrow to administer a Teacher Feedback Study to explore if using ThinkUp! helped educators address these issues and more.

Project Tomorrow Stats Overview 2021_v5

Findings from a Teacher Feedback Study

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Explore the findings from our ThinkUp! research project. Project Tomorrow surveyed more than 240 K–12 educators who used ThinkUp! in the spring of 2021 to better understand how it made a difference in their classrooms.

What this study reveals:

  • Teachers’ opinions about using ThinkUp! in the classroom
  • If teachers would recommend ThinkUp! to their colleagues
  • Whether teachers believe ThinkUp! increases their effectiveness